Cronimet Specialty Metals Locations

Cronimet Specialty Metals provides scrap metal sourcing, specialty metals recycling, processing and melt services from three locations in Pennsylvania.

Our Greenville, PA facility provides recycling and processing of various tungsten carbide materials, nickel and nickel cobalt alloy refinery materials and catalyst refinery materials. Our second site is a certified alloy manufacturing facility which provides specialty metal alloys in ingot and shot forms in Wheatland, PA. Our third site is a processing facility for tungsten carbide, nickel and nickel cobalt refinery materials in Bedford, PA. These facilities are part of Cronimet, a much larger group of stainless steel, specialty metals and high temp metals recycling, processing and scrap metal sourcing facilities located throughout North America. These multiple locations have allowed us to offer an abundance of resources, scrap metal sourcing, metal recycling and processing services to our customers, making us one of the leading specialty metals processors in North America.

Cronimet Specialty Metals USA, Inc., Wheatland, PA
40 Council Ave
Wheatland, PA 16161

Phone: 724-347-2208
Fax: 724-347-2556