Tungsten Carbide Recycling & Tungsten Carbide Processing

Cronimet Specialty Metals is one of the largest tungsten recyclers and tungsten processors in North America.

Being tungsten carbide scrap buyers and processors, we are headquartered in Pennsylvania, but we can receive your tungsten scrap from anywhere in the world. Our product offerings and services are extensive allowing us to accept most any form of tungsten carbide scrap including soft tungsten carbide scrap. We also offer toll services that include filter processing, drying, separation of iron from carbide, washing, braze removal, crushing to size and more. Click on the button below to find out more about our tungsten carbide scrap recycling program or Contact Us to discuss how we can work together on a business solution.

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We are tungsten carbide scrap buyers and we accept most forms of tungsten containing scrap. Below are some of the most common types of tungsten carbide recycling.

  • Cemented Carbide Recycling
  • Tungsten Alloy Recycling
  • Tungsten Soft Scrap Recycling
  • Tungsten Grinding Recycling
  • Tungsten Turning Recycling
  • Tungsten Sludge Recycling
  • Tungsten Swarf Recycling
  • Non Conforming Powder Recycling
  • Thermal Spray Waste from filters
  • Thermal Spray Powder Recycling
  • Tungsten Grindings Recycling

We also offer a variety of value-added tungsten carbide processing services:

  • Custom Tungsten Blending to Specific Chemistry
  • Surface Cleaning & Washing
  • Sorting, Sizing & Cutting Tungsten Carbide Scrap
  • Crushing Tungsten Scrap
  • Separation from Iron

We are a manufacturer of crushed carbide and tungsten carbide grit for hard face applications on new and used wear parts. Learn More >