NiCo Recycling and Processing Nickel / Cobalt Refinery Grade Materials

We recycle nickel scrap and process all forms and grades of NiCo containing materials. We specialize in nickel refinery grade recycling and cobalt refinery grade recycling.

We are processors and recyclers of nickel containing materials and recyclers of cobalt containing materials:

  • Solid CO Alloy Recycling
  • Tantalum Recycling
  • CO Turnings and Chips
  • NI Turnings and Chips
  • CO Grinding Recycling
  • NI Grinding Recycling
  • Nickel Sludge Recycling
  • Cobalt Sludge Recycling
  • Cobalt Powder Recycling
  • Nickel Swarf
  • NiCo Filter Processing Recycling
  • NiCo Filter Cake Recycling
  • NiCo Filter Cartridge Recycling
  • Recyclers of Cobalt Containing Materials
  • Recyclers of Nickel Containing Materials
  • NI Alloy Recycling
  • CO Alloy Recycling

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