Melt Services - Specialty Metals Melting

Servicing the global investment castings, powder and foundry industries with cobalt based alloys, nickel based alloys and other specialty metals melting services.

Cronimet Specialty Metals provides certified alloy manufacturing with the highest-quality conversion melting services for specialty metals at our Wheatland, PA facility. We specialize in Induction Melting services, Toll Melting services, conversion melting services and melt services for powder production, ingot shot and sieved shot.

Certified Alloy Manufacturing:

  • Induction Melting Capabilities
  • Producing Certified 15lb Ingot Shot and 15lb Sieved Shot
  • Manufacturer of Cobalt based alloy, Nickel based alloy, Various Stainless Steel alloys, Low alloy and other custom alloys to customer’s specifications.
  • Small to large quantity orders
  • Toll melting services. Dead melt to a requested chemistry.
  • Conversion Melting Services

Powder Production:

  • Ball Mills for custom powder production
  • Integrated Laboratory
  • Melt services for powder production


  • Raw Material - Buying and Selling
  • Recycled Metal - Buying and Selling
  • Small melt charges
  • Cutting, Crushing, Sorting, Blasting
  • Shipping and Receiving Flexibility
  • Quick Turnaround Time

Our Wheatland, PA Melting Facility produces ingots and shot.

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Casting and Foundry Alloys

Ni and Co Alloys
Ni Alloys NiCu Alloys Co alloys
Ni C M35-1 Co 3
Ni B M35-2 Co 4
Ni X M30C Co 6
IN 610 M30H Co 12
IN 625 M25S Co 19
IN 825 Comp A Co 21
N-155 Comp B Co 25
Comp C Co 31
Comp D F75
Comp E Star J
Wi 52
Raw Materials
Electrolytic Manganese HC Ferro Chrome
Ni LC Ferro Chrome
Co Nitrogen-Bearing Chrome
Ferro Moly Ferro Nb
Ferro Boron AT Chrome
Vac Moly Pure Al – Chops/Shot
Ferro Vanadium Copper Chops
Carbon Si Metal
Ni B FeSi
Stainless Steel Alloys
Carbon/Low Alloys Tool Steels Stainless Steel Duplex
All 1000 Series A-2 15-5 CD4MCU
All 4000 Series D-2 17-4 CD4MCuN
All 6000 Series D-5 All 300 Series CD3MCuN
All 8000 Series H-11 All 400 Series CE8MN
H-12 Nitronic 60
H-13 CN7M
O1 2205