Turn Your Tungsten Carbide Scrap Into Money!

It’s easy to recycle your tungsten scrap with Cronimet Specialty Metals.

Just submit the form below to sell your tungsten carbide scrap or to request a free carbide scrap current pricing quote.

We will send you a confirmation email receipt to print out and include in your tungsten scrap shipment to us. Your order will be processed upon receipt and payment will be sent to you. If you are requesting a quote a Cronimet Specialty Metals Representative will contact you to discuss our tungsten carbide scrap recycling program.

Directions for shipping tungsten carbide scrap to Cronimet Specialty Metals:
Fill your container with carbide scrap.
Print and place the confirmation email you receive from us into your shipping container. (This is important because it contains your Order Confirmation Number)
Seal your container and place shipping label on lid/top of container.
No high speed steel.
No cermets or ceramic inserts.
No trash, plastic or any other non-carbide items.
Non-conforming items may result in no or reduced payment.

Cronimet Specialty Metals is a leader in Tungsten Carbide scrap recycling.